Things that dont make sense

Michael Brooks presents thirteen of the most perplexing. Cracking any one of them could yield profound truths. Radiation left from the big bang is still glowing in the sky — in a mysterious and controversial pattern. Read more. Something unseeable and far bigger than anything in the known universe is hauling a group of galaxies towards it at inexplicable speed.
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Things that don’t make sense.

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21 Satisfying Things That Don't Make Any Sense Today

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13 Things That Don't Make Sense To 'Type A' People

Sometimes in life, we witness things that make literally no sense whatsoever. These things lead us to question the intelligence of the humans responsible for allowing such things to happen. Lucky for us, some people are kind enough to share their failures online where we can all have a good laugh, and that's one thing that makes sense.
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Based on an article Brooks wrote for New Scientist in March , [4] the book, aimed at the general reader rather than the science community, contains discussion and description of a number of unresolved issues in science. It is a literary effort to discuss some of the inexplicable anomalies that after centuries science still cannot completely comprehend. The Missing Universe. This deals with astronomy and theoretical physics and the ultimate fate of the universe , in particular the search for understanding of dark matter and dark energy and includes discussion of: the work of astronomers Vesto Slipher and then Edwin Hubble in demonstrating the universe is expanding; Vera Rubin 's investigation of galaxy rotation curves that suggest something other than gravity is preventing galaxies from spinning apart, which led to the revival of unobserved "dark matter" theory; experimental efforts to discover dark matter, including the search for the hypothetical neutralino and other weakly interacting massive particles ; the study of supernovae at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Harvard University under Robert Kirshner that point to an accelerating universe powered by "dark energy" possibly Vacuum energy ; and finally the assertion that the proposed modified Newtonian dynamics hypothesis and the accelerating universe disproves the dark matter theory. The Pioneer Anomaly.
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